Goat Island Marine Reserve


Recently I visited Goat Island Marine Reserve in Leigh, New Zealand. The water was so beautiful and clear, and when I went into the water I suddenly saw fish and a few crabs.  There aren’t as many fish as there would have been many years ago, but there are still more fish than you would find in many other beaches. The Marine Reserve was packed with people snorkeling around the island. My friend told me you could find eagle rays and jellyfish when you got closer to the island. Next time I go I will make sure to check that out. I wish that all beaches were as clean and healthy as Goat Island. There is only so much water in the world and we need to care for it. I highly recommend you visit Goat Island in the beautiful New Zealand and remember to respect the environment.


Can you spot the fish below?

gopr0681-e1548998503231.jpgPhoto I took using a GoPro Hero 7 Black at Goat Island.